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Amazing Sea Animals And Monsters

Posted by Sajna Jee at Monday, November 12, 2012

Watch Animals And Monsters Under Water. Pics of Largest Deep Sea Animals Facts, Creatures of the Sea, Sea Life Marine Animals


Octopus big sea Monster It has eight long Proboscis, Its more than 300 types of these are some great touches something very Powerful it is harmless to Humans but Deadly to humans have lived there are a few types, The animal life is over it not dying in a few months I is there some five years of age, Many Countries fond of its flesh are eaten, most of the major hotels have, It is more popular especially in Tokyo

Sea Horse

A small sea animal sea horse It is shaped like a horse and fish There are 40 types of It is mostly yellow This is the age of five years It lives in deep temperate waters It is a slow beast is tired quickly and can not swim for long But seahorses ambush very Fast His teeth and stomach are not It eats constantly Eat small animal


Mermaid-Jalpari is a legendary character who does not actually exist, The human body is above is below the fish's body, This is the old stories came from But the fact that some people think it is a role Recently, there are some structures which saw it once was

Star Fish

Star fish a fish in a marine worm which is calculated There are more than 1900 types of starfishThis is Five proboscis but there is more than a generation, This is very mostly red in color is brown and it's no have the blood and brain

Steller Sea Lion

 Steller Sea Lion is quite heavy but not too big Brown is the color It is 4 to 6 feet long, Octopus very fond of fish and eats It is basically a beast of prey Most are found in Alaska, Now the race is over quickly, Some fishermen are killing it This is because they eat fish


Crab have different colors, types that are 800, It lives in wet air, more heat dies, Crab that eats Small fruit and sea flowers, Australia is one of the most If the weather is their custom comes from offshore Road, The meat is eaten in many countries


Creatures of the sea-Angler Fish, See a lot of dangerous, Its have a big mouth, it's more than 200 types, it's 40 inches long, 40 to 50 kg weighing, the only in deep sea

Atoll -wyvillei

Atoll - Jellyfish - Deep Sea Marine Life Species


Endangered Animal Blob Fish - There is a deep water animals Is at a depth of up to 1000 feet, Its found in Australia and Newzeland, The race is over very quickly Scientists are trying to save it


Sea Snakes - It lives mostly in the ocean but have come up for breath, something that can breathe underwater snakes, sea snakes are very poisonous, No harmless to anyone, it's a lot of poison it is used in medicines, its flesh is also eating a lot of interest

Artist Conception

An Artist Conception Deep Sea Creature 

Vamp Squid

Vamp squid - This animal is called Hell, because it is a very scary, evil eyes are blue, her mouth opens like an umbrella before, many teeth are in the mouth, it's like octopus but its proboscis is associated with each possible

Giant stingray

Stingray - It is only in fresh water, it is found in rivers, There are a number of species, it is weighing 500 kg, is found in Australia

Beluga Whale

Belugas are also called white whales, Its color is white, The dolphin is very similar to it, Its length is 15 to 20 feet long, and weighs 1500 kg is, It can live in ice water, They are also the hunted this fish, The beluga has a flexible neck, it can move its head in all directions.


Penguins - This is a bird that cannot fly, it is black and white, This group would like to live in, in a kind of snow that remains is larger and a smaller group lives in the middle season, the water from the fish and other small animals that eat prey

Sea Turtle

Sea ​​turtle is a marine animal It is big enough  This is also called the Green turtle In many countries eat the meat and eggs Its Eat the Sea Plants and Little sae animals

Water Snail

Water Snail - Seep It lives in fresh water The 3500 races are A worm on the back of the cylinders is Screwed up whenever there is a risk It goes into your cylinders is the home of cylinders It is used in many things cylinders Such as jewelry, decoration pieces,

Leafy Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon, It is a marine animal The dragon and sea horse matches, On all body looking as leaf It looks like the dragon It is only 1 foot long, Eats small fish and insects

Strangest and Rarest Animals in World


Sea Creatures

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